Harry Burnett and Helen Hayes

The Yale Puppeteers, a group of young ladies and gentlemen who yank gaily on invisible cords and make marionettes perform incredible antics, are appearing in the revue “Sunday Nights at Nine” at the Hotel Barbizon Plaza on Sunday Nights, and in other localities on other nights of the week.

Their director, Harry Burnett, recently made a puppet of Queen Victoria to be used in a sketch about that celebrated monarch, modelling it upon the appearance of the Queen as she is portrayed by Helen Hayes in the play “Victoria Regina,” which has for over a year been one of the most successful plays on Broadway.

Mr. Burnett is here shown exhibiting his new puppet to its original, Miss Hayes. From the tips of her feet to the little white plume of her black cap, it is Victoria Regina to life.

The doughy old English queen probably whirls violently in her grave whenever the puppet opens its wooden lips in the sketch the Puppeteers have devised, for it consists of Victoria strolling along “one of the more aristrocratic streets in Heaven” singing this song, among other things:

” We are not amused.

Buckingham Palace was our pride and joy,

But the recent King, they say, found it utterly passe,

But we still are not amused, we’re not amused…

This place is less exclusive than we’d understood,

And some the Lord accounts as good we view with mild surprise.

Those characters we’d read about in Genesis and Kings

We fancy the less said about the better.

It seems as though St. Peter might be just a bit discreeter –

We’ve thought of having Albert write a letter. “