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Death metal music inspires joy not violence

Image copyright Getty Images I’ve had one desire since I was born; to see my body ripped and torn. The lyrics of death metal band Bloodbath’s cannibalism-themed track, Eaten, do not leave much to the imagination. But neither this song – nor the gruesome lyrics of others of the genre – inspire violence. That is […]

Solar storm: Evidence found of huge eruption from Sun

Image copyright NASA Scientists have found evidence of a huge blast of radiation from the Sun that hit Earth more than 2,000 years ago. The result has important implications for the present, because solar storms can disrupt modern technology. The team found evidence in Greenland ice cores that the Earth was bombarded with solar proton […]

Climate change: Pledge to cut emissions from dairy farms

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Methane is produced by cattle A dairy firm is pledging to make its operations carbon-neutral from cow to supermarket by 2050, including more than 2,000 farms in the UK. This will require “radical changes” over the coming decades, including developing new technologies, the dairy co-operative, Arla Foods, said. It […]

Galleonosaurus dorisae: New dinosaur discovered in Australia

Scientists have identified a new dinosaur in south-eastern Australia. It’s thought that the Galleonosaurus dorisae was alive 125 million years ago and would have been roughly the same height as a wallaby. It was given its name because its jaw resembles an upturned galleon ship. Based on its teeth, Galleonsaurus would have been a herbivore […]

Schools should have ‘no idling zones’, Public Health England chief says

Image copyright Getty Images Public health chiefs have proposed a ban on cars idling outside school gates in a bid to cut air pollution. The measure is among a series of UK-wide recommendations put forward by Public Health England. PHE medical director Paul Cosford told the BBC: “We should stop idling outside schools and we […]

SpaceX Dragon demo capsule returns to Earth

Media captionWATCH: Moment SpaceX Dragon capsule undocks from ISS America’s new commercial astronaut capsule completed its demonstration flight on Friday with a splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean. The SpaceX Dragon vehicle left the International Space Station (ISS) where it had been docked this past week and re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere. It had a heat-shield to […]

Trail-blazing gardening women of Kew

Image copyright Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Image caption The first female gardeners London in 1896, and a curious turn of history. Women gardeners were employed for the first time at Kew, and on equal pay, decades before women gained the vote. Made to wear the same garb as male gardeners so as not to distract […]

Hunterston B: Pictures show cracks in Ayrshire nuclear reactor

Media captionPictures show cracks appear in the nuclear reactor [EDF Energy] The first pictures have emerged of cracking in the graphite bricks which make up the core of nuclear reactors at Hunterston B Power Station in Ayrshire. Reactor three has not produced electricity since cracks were found to be forming quicker than expected. About 370 […]

Climate change: Rain melting Greenland ice sheet ‘even in winter’

Image copyright Joseph Cook Image caption After it rains the surface darkens, which speeds up melting Rain is becoming more frequent in Greenland and accelerating the melting of its ice, a new study has found. Scientists say they’re “surprised” to discover rain falling even during the long Arctic winter. The massive Greenland ice-sheet is being […]

Cern cuts ties with ‘sexist’ scientist Alessandro Strumia

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Cern is the home of the Large Hadron Collider – the most powerful particle collider on Earth The European particle physics research centre Cern has cut ties with the scientist who said that women were less able at physics than men. Cern has decided not to extend Professor Alessandro Strumia’s […]